University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 9 November 1997 3 pm

June Catchpoole

Honorary Carillonist

The University of Sydney


Transcriptions from Fernando Sor's Guitar Music
- Estudio 6 (arr Ronald Barnes)
- French Song (arr Beverly Buchanan)
- Valse (arr Beverly Buchanan)
Four Miniatures for carillon John D Gordon
- Lento
- Adagio
- Andante
Folk Songs
Fugue Softly flows the Nifman Lithuanian (arr A Bowler)
Little Dove Gary White
The Wonderful Crocodile American (arr Milford Myhre)
Galop de Cortesia Spanish (arr Leen 't Hart)
Negro Spiritual
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (arr C G B Garrett)
Carillon Compositions
Whimsy, from Serenade for Carillon (1978) Ronald Barnes
Three Compositions from the ``Delfts Carillon Book II''
Sonata Johan Berghuis
Andante (arr Leen 't Hart)
Prelude No. 2 Theophil Rusterholz
National Anthem