University of Sydney Carillon

Tuesday 11 May 1999   1 pm
Recital for the Dedication of the New C#3 Bell
Timothy Hurd QSM
National Carillonist of New Zealand


In C#
Menuet, from Symphony No. 101 "The Clock" Joseph Haydn
arranged by Jef Rottiers
Interventions improvisations on a new note Timothy Hurd
Blue moon Richard Rodgers
arranged by Gerard de Waardt
Melodeon II (1982/97) Timothy Hurd
Fantasia II for carillon Jef Rottiers

Timothy Hurd writes:

When I began learning the bells, long ago and far away at a church carillon in merica, it was traditional to welcome each new child in the village with appropriate songs. By extension of this idea the new C#3 bell at the University needs to be welcomed officially, in meeting its siblings and adjusting to life within a new family.

In context, the new replacement bell is situated in the middle of the range of bells. As such, it is one of the most-played notes in the instrument. In the best academic tradition, its voice "informs" the rest of the Carillon, establishing its temperament and literally setting the tone and tenor of the whole.

Tennyson's entreaty from "In Memoriam":

Ring out the old, ring in the new
Ring out the false, ring in the true
is all the more pertinent as we race towards the New Millennium.

The order of universal harmony demands a new concord, of bells as of humankind.