University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 22 August 1999 2 pm

Dr Reginald Walker, Honorary Carillonist

The University of Sydney


1. Prelude in C minor

. J S Bach

2. Panis Angelicus

César Frank

3. Maccabaeus

G F Handel

4. Pastel in Bronze

Albert Gerken

5. Sur le Pont d'Avignon

French traditional

6. Grotte Klokken Kleine Klokken

A L Bigelow

7. Lament

Dulcie Holland

8. Resonet in Laudibus

Daniel Robins

9. Australian Folk Songs

W G James

--a) The Three Drovers


-- b) All the Bells are Gaily Ringing


-- c) The Silver Stars are in the Sky


-- d) Carol of the Birds


-- e) The North Wind is Blowing