University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 20 February 2000 2 pm

Adrian Patrick Gebruers

Carillonneur of St Colman's Cathedral in Cobh (Ireland)
President, World Carillon Federation


Preludium for Carillon

John Gebruers (1898-1978)1

Gaelic Metamorphose (adaptations of the Irish traditional music genre)


Toccata for Carillon: "The Torch of Learning" (1995)

David Harold Cox2

Allegretto Grazioso, from Celtic Suite for Carillon

Staf Gebruers (1902-1970)3

Aus Den Ostlichen Rosen

Schumann (arr B Zwart)

Gavotte for Carillon

Benoît J Franssen (1893-1978)4

Two traditional melodies




Freddie's Tune


Finale, from Petit & Fritsen Suite

Willem Vogel6


1Uncle of the recitalist, the composer was City Carillonneur of Antwerp.

2Professor of Music at the National University of Ireland, Cork. Written to mark the 150th anniversary of the University's founding.

3Father of the recitalist, Staf Gebruers was his immediate predecessor as Carillonneur of St Colman's Cathedral in Cobh (Ireland).

4This quaint piece by the Dutch composer has a middle section reminiscent of the bagpipes.

5A young girl pines for her "brave Domhnall", who has gone off to fight in the war.

6One of the prize-winning entrants for a competition held in 1960 to mark the 300th anniversary of the Dutch bellfoundry—typical of this composer's fine works for the carillon.

Unless otherwise stated, carillon arrangements are by the recitalist.

Adrian Patrick Gebruers

Of Flemish-Irish parents, Adrian Patrick Gebruers holds the unique distinction of being the only Irish carillonneur in the long history of the instrument.

A graduate of the National University of Ireland, he also studied at the Municipal School of Music in Cork (Ireland) and at the Universities of Salamanca and Navarra in Spain. He received his initial carillon tuition from his late father (Staf Gebruers) and subsequently attended the International Higher Institute for the Art of the Carillon in Mechelen (Flanders).

In 1999 he celebrated his 30th year as Carillonneur of St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh, a picturesque harbour town on Ireland's southern coast. A frequent guest recitalist throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as on radio, television and recordings, he has been the recipient of several Travel Awards and a research grant from the Irish Arts Council and Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as a Tyrone Guthrie Centre ­ Cork County Council Regional Bursary.

A former Assistant Principal of Colaiste Muire in Cobh, he is Lecturer in Carillon Studies at the Music Department of University College Cork, as well as being President of the World Carillon Federation, Honorary President of the British Carillon Society and a Vice-President of Eurocarillon.

In recent years, he has become increasingly interested in composing and adapting music of the Irish traditional idiom for the carillon, an instrument which he believes is particularly suited to this genre.

He is married to physiologist Dr Elizabeth Gebruers and they have two sons and two daughters.