University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 5 March 2000 2 pm

Susan Wilkins

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney


Carillon Compositions


Hoe Helder Klinkt de Klokkentaal

B Tideman-Wijers

Prelude No. 4

Matthias van den Gheyn



Der Klarinetten-Muckl

Karel L Borghuis

Lot is Dood (folk dance)

Karel L Borghuis



From the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach 1725

J S Bach

Minuet in G (No. 4)


Erbauliche Gedanken eines Tobacksrauchers




Bist Du bei Mir


Prelude in C


Minuet in G (for piano)

L van Beethoven

Hymn Tunes for Quinquagesima


Theodoric (God is love)

Piae Cantiones, 1582

Hyfrydol (Love divine)

R H Prichard

Intercessor (O brother man)

C Hubert H Parry

Hermitage (Love came down at Christmas)

R O Morris

Diademata (Crown Him with many crowns)

G J Elvey