University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 2 April 2000 2 pm

Susan Wilkins

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney


Carillon Compositions

Prelude No. 6

Matthias van den Gheyn

Andante varié

Barend de Bruin



From the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach 1725

J S Bach

Minuet in A minor


March in G


Dir, Dir, Jehova, will ich singen


Minuet in G (No. 7)


Wie wohl ist mir


Gavotte, from Partita 3 for solo violin

J S Bach

Arrangements of Russian Folksongs

Albert Gerken



Down the Mother Volga


The Ural Rowan Tree


Hymn Tunes for Lent IV


Old 44th (The Lord is in His holy place)

Anglo-Genevan Psalter 1556

Lobe den Herren (Praise to the Lord)

Straslund Gesangbuch 1665

St Fulbert (Fill thou my life)

H J Gauntlett

Slane (Lord of all hopefulness)

Irish traditional melody