University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 13 August 2000 2 pm

Amy Johansen

Honorary Carillonist and University Organist, The University of Sydney


Homage to Bach


Remembrances of Joh. Seb. Bach

Willem Créman

 2 Polonaises
from Anna Magdalena’s Notenbüchlein

 (arr Ronald Barnes)

3 Folk Songs


Seashore Song

(Japan) Adrian Tien

Softly Flows the Nieman

(Lithuania)Astrid Bowler

The Shearer’s Dream

(Australia) Suzanne Magassy


3 Guitar Pieces by Fernando Sor

(arr B Buchanan)





Andante Cantabile


3 Carillon Compositions


A Whimsy

Ronald Barnes

Fantasia II voor Beiaard

Jef Rottiers

Preludio No. 2

M van den Gheyn

Advance Australia Fair