University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 12 November 2000 2 pm

Jill Forrest

University Carillonist, The University of Sydney


Hymn Tunes

Sicilian Mariners

Sicilian (arr T Rusterholz)

Simple Gifts

Shaker melody (arr M Myhre)

Carillon Compositions, from the Albany Carillon Book 1998

Black Water

David Drexler (1967- )


Karen A Tarlow

Folk Songs

Scottish, for Catherine Mackenzie

Ye Banks and Braes

trad (arr Sally Slade Warner)

My Luv's Like a Red Red Rose

Graham's Stathspey


When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Ernest R Ball

Londonderry Air

trad (arr Sally Slade Warner)



Ambroise Thomas (arr M Myhre)

The Frog Galliard

John Dowland (1562-1626) (arr Jeff Davis)

Carillon Compositions

Summer Song

Terry Vaughan (1915-96)

Three for Carillon

Peter Paul Olejar (1937- )


John Gouwens (1957- )

Bells Ragtime, from the Albany Carillon Book 1998

Loek Boogert

Advance Australia Fair