University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 7 January 2001 2 pm

June Catchpoole,

Honorary Carillonist


Hymn Tunes


Rest (Summer Suns are Glowing)

Samuel Smith (arr JC)

Hymn to Joy

L van Beethoven (arr B Buchanan)

Mannheim (Lead us, Heavenly Father)

Friedrich Filitz (arr B Buchanan)

Folk Songs from the Baltic

arranged by A Bowler

Our Village Street


Why do you weep, little flower?


Softly flows the Nieman


A medley of guitar music

transcribed by B Buchanan

Carillon Compositions


Sonata (Allegro moderato, Andante, Minuet)

John Berghuis

Theme and Variations for Small Carillon

Theophil Rusterholz

Second Prelude for Carillon

Theophil Rusterholz

Advance Australia Fair