University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 25 February 2001 2 pm

June Catchpoole

Honorary Carillonist


Hymn Tunes

arranged by T Rusterholz

Webb (Stand up, stand up for Jesus)

G J Webb

Beecher (There's a wideness in God's mercy)

L Zundel

Olivet (My faith looks up to Thee)

L Mason


Vo Luzern uf Weggis Zue

J Luthi (arr L 't Hart)

Snow Dance

Balalaika traditional

Three German Dances

L van Beethoven(arr K Keldermans)

Round Dance

Welsh Traditional

Galop de Cortesa

Spanish (arr L 't Hart)

Elves' Dance

E Grieg (arr K Keldermans)

Carillon Compositions

Pastel in Bronze

A Gerken

Prelude and Fugue

A Gerken

Gavotte and Musette

Leen 't Hart

Petite Suite (Rigaudon, Saraband, Intermezzo)

Leen 't Hart

Advance Australia Fair