University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 20 May 2001 2 pm

June Catchpoole

Honorary Carillonist


Hymn Tunes arranged by BeverlyBuchanan


S Wesley

Grosser Gott (Holy God, we praise Thy name)

J Hopkins

Maryton (O Master, let me walk with Thee)

H Smith


Tegen de Tijd

J Haanstra, H van der Lubbe
(arr B van Wely)

La Cloche Sonne

F Litzt (arr L Fuller)

Largo from Xerxes

G F Handel (arr B Buchanan)

Melodies from West Side Story

L Bernstein (arr JC)

Folk Songs from the USA, arranged by G White

Sweet William

Sally Brown

Little Dove

Carillon Compositions

Summer Song

Terry Vaughan

Lake Music

Terry Vaughan

Advance Australia Fair