University of Sydney Carillon

2 pm Sunday 9 September 2001

June Catchpoole

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Bell Concordance Day - the 9th day of the 9th month

Bells around the world ring to raise public awareness of the fetal alcohol syndrome - birth defects from drinking alcohol during pregnancy are prevalent and preventable

All People That on Earth do Dwell (Old 100th) W Kethe
When Mothers of Salem (Athlone) R Quaile
Children of the Heavenly King (Innocents) J Smith
Little Children, Wake & Listen (Chartres) Old French Noel
My Little Mother L De Vocht (arr F Delau)
Lullaby and Prayer Leen 't Hart
Too.ra.loo.ra.loo.ra (That's an Irish lullaby) J Shannon
Lullaby for Carillon J Miller
Traditional Nursery Rhymes
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Jack & Jill Went Up the Hill;
Moo Moo Jessicow; Oranges & Lemons
At the Zoo
The Wonderful Crocodile American (arr M Myhre)
Aba.daba.daba A Fields/W Donovan
Quickstep of the Garfish Gerard Boedijn
Games to Play
Tiggy Tiggy Touch Wood, W James
See Saw Traditional
March of the Toys P Tschaikowsky
Sleepy Time W James
Advance Australia Fair