University of Sydney Carillon

2 pm Sunday 30 September 2001

Susan Wilkins

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney


Carillon Composition
Prelude No. 4 Matthias van den Gheyn
Hymn Tunes for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
Austria (Glorious things of thee are spoken) F J Haydn
Royal Oak (All things bright and beautiful). Traditional English (adapted M Shaw)
From Strength to Strength (Soldiers of Christ, arise) E W Naylor
Llangloffan (Sometimes a light surprises) Welsh melody
Hyfrydol (Love divine, all loves excelling) R H Prichard
Transcriptions of Piano Music
Dances 6-10, from Ten German Dances Joseph Haydn
The Hurdy-Gurdy, from Moods and Motions Antonín Tucapsky
Folk Music from the United States of America (arr SW)