University of Sydney Carillon

Sunday 30 June 2002    2 pm

June Catchpoole

June Catchpoole

Assistant University Carillonist


All Things Bright and Beautiful

God in Nature

W H Monk

All Things Bright

English Traditional Melody

Royal Oak

J Stainer



A World of Our Own
   (The Seekers)

S Springfield

Why Do You Weep, Little Flower?

Estonian (arr A Bowler)

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

L Friedman (arr R Lodine)

Scarborough Fair

English Traditional (arr S S Warner)

Lord Inchiquin

Turlough O’Cardan (arr A Gebruers)

I’ll Never Find Another You
   (The Seekers)

S Springfield


J Lennon/ P McCartney

Carillon Compositions


Fisher’s Hornpipe

L ’t Hart


Staf Nees

Morceau pour Carillon

M van den Gheyn (arr J Knox for 3 octaves)

Dead Man Blues

Fred ‘Jelly Roll’ Morton (arr L van der Eijk)

Advance Australia Fair