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2pm Sunday 9 April 2006 in the Quadrangle

Susan Wilkins

Susan Wilkins

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney


Prelude from Suite 6 for Unaccompanied Cello J S Bach (arr SW)
Vier Dansen (Four Dances) * Gerard Hengeveld
   Spanish Dance
   Dutch Peasant Dance
   Irish jig
   Halling (Norwegian Dance)
Panis Angelicus C Franck (arr SW)
Infant Praise (Children of Jerusalem) The Tune Book, 1842 (arr SW)
From Scenes from Childhood R Schumann (arr SW)
   Contentment, Dreaming
   The Knight of the Hobbyhorse, The Bogey Man
   About Strange Lands and People, Entreating Child
Three Rigadoons Anon, Anon, H Purcell (arr J D Gordon)
Passion Chorale (O sacred head sore wounded) H S Hassler & J S Bach
Horsley (There is a green hill far away) W Horsley
From Les Cloches des Clochards
   (The Bells of Tramps
) Suite *
   Sous les Ponts (Under the bridges) Jurriaan Andriessen
   La Seine (The Seine)
   La Richesse (Wealth)
Love Unknown (My song is love unknown) J Ireland
Winchester New (Ride on, ride on in majesty) W J Havergal
* Original carillon composition
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