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2pm Sunday 18 February 2007 in the Quadrangle

Jill Forrest

Jill Forrest

University Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Sparkling Splendour

Village Carnival*
from A Country Collage
Geoffrey L Cook (1948- )
from Calendar: Petite Sketches for Carillon
Geoffrey L Cook
Bells Ragtime* Loek Boogert (1931- )
The Bells Belgian folk song
(arr Suzanne Magassy)
   Chaconne for Carillon, 1982* John Randall
   Sarabande and Ciacona Georg Böhm (1661-1733)
(arr Ronald Barnes)
Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes
   from The Gondoliers
Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
(arr JF)
Somewhere my Love Maurice Jarre (arr Dirk Donker)
Three Folk Melodies LaSalle Spier (1889-1982)
   The Mermaid (USA) (edited Ronald Barnes)
   Thou Hast Left me Ever, Jamie (Scotland)
   The Seven Brothers (USA)
Three Short Pieces, Op. 24, 2005* John Gouwens (1957- )
   Toccata No. 2 (for Erin)
   Consolation (for David)
   Waltz (for Tim)
   (to coruscate = to sparkle, flash)
John R Knox (1932- )
Advance Australia Fair
* Original carillon composition
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