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2pm Sunday 3 June 2007 in the Quadrangle

June Catchpoole

June Catchpoole

Assistant University Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Ladies, Gentlemen, and the Workers, All

Old 100th (All people that on earth do dwell) French Psalter
Onward Christian Soldiers A Sullivan (arr B Buchanan)
Greensleeves (O who is fair as she is fair) Trad (arr Milford Myhre)
Cecilia The Ghent Voorslag Carillon Book of Phillip Wychaert
Eulalie Stephen Foster (arr JC)
Lord Inchiquin Turlough O’Carolan (arr A Gebruers)
I am a Pirate King Arthur Sullivan (arr E Grantham)
Do Y’ Ken John Peel Traditional (arr L ’t Hart)
Mrs Elizabeth Murcott’s Delight
   Galliard, for lute
Francis Pilkington
(arr A Gerken)
Mrs Anne Harcourt’s Galliard Francis Pilkington
Three Little Maids from School are We Arthur Sullivan (arr E Grantham)
Jack and Jill Nursery rhyme (arr JC)
Maria (from West Side Story) L Bernstein (arr JC)
Louise (from Innocents of Paris) Richard Whiting (arr JC)
If You Knew Susie B Desylva & J Meyer (arr JC)
Farmer John P Benoit (arr Paul Bourgois)
Story of John the Miller* Paul Bourgois
The Cobbler Folk song (arr K Cosaert)
The Knife Grinder Folk song (arr E Debevere)
Four Jolly Blacksmiths Anon (arr L Geloen)
Bond Street Suite* John Knox (1932- )
1. Conversation in Bronze (Roosevelt and Churchill, in Bond Street)
2. Atkinson’s Air (Perfumier, Old Bond Street, Lavender water fame)
3. The Arrival from Brook Street (Handel, resident for 35 years)
4. Catwalk Fugue
Advance Australia Fair
* Original carillon composition
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