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2pm Sunday 23 November 2008 in the Quadrangle

June Catchpoole

June Catchpoole

Assistant University Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Animal Antics

The Musical Cat and Song Sparrow W McCrady (arr M McCrady)
If I Were a Butterfly B Howard (arr JC)
Het Fliefflodderke* (The Flutterby) P Bourgois (1933- )
Six Aquarium Miniatures* G Boedijn (1893-1970)
   (i) Introduction of the Swordfish
   (ii) Leaping of the Water Fleas
   (iii) Pavane of the Sea Slugs
   (iv) Waltz of the Water Plants
   (v) Tango of the Goldfish
   (vi) Quick step of the Garfish
The Hippopotamus Song D Swann & M Flanders (arr JC)
Frogs* A Tien (1972- )
   Counting Frogs, Disharmonious Frogs, Playful Frogs,
    Frogs in the Rain, Jumping Frogs
The Little Shepherd Boy Norwegian folk song (arr M Halsted)
Listen to the Mocking Bird R Milburn (arr M Myhre)
I Heard a Brown Bird Singing H Wood (arr JC)
Me, Poor Little Hare (Variaties op Ic arm haesken) P Bourgois
   (i) Lied- the Hare’s birthplace, feels at home, idyllic but solemn.
   (ii) Menuet- the young, happy-go-lucky Hare frolics recklessly and carelessly.
   (iii) Scherzando- a Hare of good birth, elegant, now entering courting mode.
   (iv) Adagio- moulting; contemplation; nature is hard; many relatives have been lost.
   (v) Finale- successful in life, Hare revels in his happy abundant world, until suddenly, bang bang, Hare has to run for his life. Hare pie will be for some other time.
All Creatures of Our God and King Cologne Gesangbuch (arr B Buchanan)
Advance Australia Fair
*Original carillon composition
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