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2pm Sunday 31 May 2009 in the Quadrangle

Stacey Xiao Yu Yang

Stacey Xiao Yu Yang

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney


Toccata Giocosa, Op. 25 (2005)* John Gouwens (1957- )
Fantasia Pastorale (2007)* Lee Cobb (1963- )
Air for Carillon* Percival Price (1901-1985)
    With Variations in the Classical Style
Australiana Trad. (arr Milford Myhre)
   Andy’s Gone With Cattle
   The Wild Colonial Boy
   Waltzing Matilda
Capriccio 3 for Carillon (1992)* Ronald Barnes (1927-97)
Coimbra (Telling a story) Raul Ferrao
(arr Jo Haazen)
Villano (Spanish dance) Anon. 16thC
(arr Ronald Barnes)
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls Michael W Balfe (1808-70)
(arr Moshé Lewkowitz)
Variations on Kerel’s Song* Paul Bourgois (1933- )
La Cinquantaine Marie Gabriel
(arr Moshé Lewkowitz)
Advance Australia Fair
* Original carillon composition
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