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2pm Sunday 25 October 2009 in the Quadrangle

Liz Cartwright

Liz Cartwright

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Mainly Mediterranean

Prelude and Pastorale for Carillon* John Courter (1941- )
Sunrise Sunset, from Fiddler on the Roof Jerry Bock (1928- )
(arr Robert Lodine)
Granada (Serenata), from Suite Española Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)
(arr Timothy Hurd)
The Shepherdess Greek folk song (arr J Gordon)
Provatakya Greek folk song (arr J Forrest)
Little Dove American folk song (arr Gary C White)
With Cat-like Tread Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) (arr John C Ellis)
Romanca d’Espagna Antonio Cano (1811-97)
(arr Hans U Hielscher)
Three French Folksongs (arr Leen ’t Hart)
   I  Alouette
   II  Auprès de ma Blonde
   III  Au Clair de la Lune
Walk-About and Away, for Carillon* Emma Lou Diemer (1927- )
   ‘Specially for Liz’
Allegro in A minor, for guitar Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
Halloween Suite (1993)*
   I   Midnight
   II   A Flight of Owls
   III   Black Cat Serenade
   IV   Witches’ Waltz
Laura Hewitt Whipple (1920-2005)
Advance Australia Fair
* Original carillon composition
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