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2pm Sunday 25 April 2010 in the Quadrangle

Isaac Wong

Isaac Wong

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Remembrance: 82 years on

The Inauguration Recital of The University of Sydney War Memorial Carillon was on Anzac Day 1928.
The Great AIF Bell tolls 18 times, at intervals of five seconds,
for those who lost their lives fighting for Australia.
18 was the lowest age at which men were accepted for
active service abroad
Funeral March Frederick Chopin (1810-49)
Men of Harlech
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
On the Banks of Allan Water
The Last Rose of Summer
The Blue Bells of Scotland
Ombra Mai Fu (Handel’s Largo)
Fantasia in D minor*
  (composed for the occasion) Bryan Barker (1903-83)
Te Deum
St Edward’s Sequence
   (O Valiant dead)
Sir Sydney H Nicholson (1875-1947)
Sacramental Hymn (1685) Benjamin Rogers, Magdalen College, Oxford
Eventide (Abide with Me) W H Monk (1823-89)
St Anne
   (Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past)
by William Croft (1678-1727)
National Anthems
At this stage in the 1928 recital, the national anthems
of Australia's allies in World War I (Belgium, France,
The United States of America, Japan, Italy and the United
Kingdom) were played.
Advance Australia Fair (Australia)
* Original carillon composition
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