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2pm Sunday 24 July 2011 in the Quadrangle

Stacey Xiao Yu Yang

Stacey Xiao Yu Yang

Honorary Carillonist, The University of Sydney

Classic Favourites

Claire de Lune Claude Debussy
arr Richard von Grabow


Gioseffo Fiocco
arr Wendell Westcott
Salut d' Amour Edward Elgar
arr Moshe Lewkowitz
Summertime George Gershwin
Folies d' Espagne Arcangelo Corelli
arr Robert Lodine
Londonderry Air Irish folk song
arr Sally Slade Warner
Scottish Fantasy for Carillon* John Courter
Edelweiss Richard Rodgers
arr Janet Dundore
My Heart, Ever Faithful
   (Cantata 68)
JS Bach
arr J Forrest

Advance Australia Fair

*Original carillon composition
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