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2:00pm Sunday 5 August 2012 in the Quadrangle


Carillonist Showcase

Carillonists of the University of Sydney


L'Angloise Rondeau Joseph-Hector Fiocco (1703-1741)
Veronica: The Waves on Lake Hong HuZhang Jin-an and Ouyang Qian Shu
arr Jo Haazen
Edward Grantham: Prelude in b minor (BWV 544) J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
arr E. Grantham
June Catchpoole: The House of Singing BambooHarry Warren (1893-1981)
Lamento (voor Beiaard)Jef Rottiers (1904-1985)
Liz Cartwright: Divertissement Géo Clément (1902-1969)
Lucy Koe: Cantilène à Ste Cécile Géo Clément
Isaac Wong: Variations on a Russian FolksongFrank Steijns (b. 1970)
Duo Sam Say: Rondo Johann Christoph Bach (1732-1795)
arr William de Turk

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