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2:00pm Sunday 23 September 2012 in the Quadrangle

Veronica Lambert

Veronica Lambert

Honorary Carillonist

From the Orient to Bondi and Bach

The Waves on Lake Hong HuZhang Jin-an and Ouyang Qianshu
arr Jo Haazen
Scherzetto*John Gouwens (b. 1957)
The Deserted Castle*Adrien Tien (b. 1972)
Pastel in Bronze*Albert Gerken (b. 1937)
Second Prelude*Theophil Rusterholz (1910-2001)
Old Japanese Melody*Adrien Tien (b. 1972)
Prelude from Cello Suite No 1J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
arr John Knox
Dance of the Bondi Belle*June Catchpoole
September SongKurt Weill (19900-1950)
Remembrances of J.S. Bach*Willem Creman (1895-1970)
Black and White RagGeorge Botsford (1874-1949)
Moonlight and Fairies*Percival Price (1901-1985)
Evening Bells (duet with June Catchpoole)Franz Liszt (1811-1881)
arr Timothy Hurd
*Original carillon composition

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