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2:00pm Sunday 10 February 2013 in the Quadrangle

Isaac Wong

Isaac Wong

Honorary Carillonist

Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake)

Prelude for the BellsGladys Watkins
茉莉花 (Moo Li Hwa - Jasmine Flower)
   from Chinese folksong
Two EpisodesIsaac Wong
Ostinato tranquillo
Souvenir Chinois
Three songs by Theresa Teng 鄧麗君
萬語千言 (Wan Yu Qien Yen - A thousand words to say)
甜蜜蜜 (Tien Mi Mi - Sweetheart)
但願人長久 (Dan Yuen Ren Zhang Jiu - Wishing we can last forever)
Sprookje op de naam Fabiola
   from Kristiaan van Ingelgem
Strike the ViolHenry Purcell
arr E. Grantham
In the Courtyard of a Buddhist TempleAdrien Tien
Raindrop PreludeFrederic Chopin
arr I. Wong
Chinese National Anthem

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