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2:00pm Sunday 2 June 2013 in the Quadrangle


Lucy Koe

Honorary Carillonist


God Save the Queen
Music of Sir Edward Elgar
Pomp and Circumstance March No 1
Chanson du Matin
Salut d'Amour
Two Gilbert & Sullivan Favourites
I'm called little Buttercup
Loudly let the Trumpet bray
Old Father Thames
arr E. Grantham
Preludio IMatthias van den Gheyn (1721-1785)
The Lord Mayor's Swan-Hopping Trumpet Tune
arr Christopher Dearnley
A Nightingale sang in Berkeley SquareManning Sherwin
arr J. Forrest
Trumpet VoluntaryJeremiah Clarke (1670-1707)
arr Rollin Smith

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