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2:00pm Sunday 29 June 2014 in the Quadrangle


Dr Jill Forrest

Emeritus University Carillonist

Composed/Arranged in Oz

Music of John D. Gordon (1922-1991)
Chiming Canons*
Fantasy on "The Bells of St Clements"*
The Shepherdess (Greek folksong)
Rigadoon No. 2*
Music of Jill Forrest (b. 1938)
Leoni (Ancient Hebrew melody)
Sanctus (Iona & Spain)
Greensleeves (English folk song)
Take a Pair of Sparkling EyesArthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
The Deserted Castle*Adrien Tien (b. 1972)
Three Canons*Wilfrid Holland (1920-2005)
Triumphal March
A walk round the Lake
Joyful Dance
Flourish*Terry Vaughan (1915-1996)
*Original carillon composition

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