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2:00pm Sunday 5 October 2014 in the Quadrangle

Liz Cartwright

Liz Cartwright

Honorary Carillonist


In Memoriam 9/11*John Courter (1941-2010)
Japanese Folk Songs
arr Jo Haazen
Kono Mitchi (This Way)
Kodjo No Tsuki (Moonlight over the ruins of the Old Castle)
Aizu Bandaisan (The mountain Bandai from Aizu)
Japanese Flowering Quince*
   from Tree Modes
Amy Michelle Black (b. 1971)
Three movements*
   from Second Suite: The Bells
Robert Kleinschmidt (1910-1959)
Intermezzo II*Leen 't Hart (1920-1992)
Koori Dancing No 5 and No 2Peter Sculthorpe (1929-2014)
arr Joan Chia
Adagissimo: Ist ein allegemeines Lamento der FreundeJ.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Waltz*Ronald Barnes (1924-1997)
*Original carillon composition

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