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2:00pm Sunday 18 January 2015 in the Quadrangle


Lucy Koe

Honorary Carillonist


Dedication Chime*John Knox (b. 1932)
Ode to Joy
   from Ninth Symphony
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
arr Carol Jickling Lens
Fantasia*Edward Grantham (b. 1944)
Men of Harlech (Welsh Folksong)
arr J. Forrest
Romanze for GitarreNiccolo Paganini (1782-1840)
arr L. Fuller
Jesu, joy of man's desiringJ.S. Bach (1685-1750)
arr P. Price
Papageno's Aria
   from Marriage of Figaro
W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
arr J. Haazen
Salut d'AmourEdward Elgar (1842-1900)
arr L. Koe
Gilbert and Sullivan favouritesArthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
arr R. Giszczak
We sail the ocean blue
I'm called Little Buttercup
When first my old, old love I knew
   from Ludus Modalis
Geert D'hollander (b. 1965)
The Undulating Chimneys of Casa Batllo*
   from Gaudi's Chimneys
John Courter (1941-2010)
Old Friends*Geoffrey Cook (b. 1948)
*Original carillon composition

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