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2:00pm Sunday 17 January 2016 in the Quadrangle

Veronica Lambert

Veronica Lambert

Honorary Carillonist


Variations on a Polish theme*John Knox
Susser die Glocken nie Klingen
GymnopedieEric Satie
Remembrances of J.S. Bach*Willem Creman
A little songDmitri Kabalewsky
The Deserted Castle*Adrien Tien
Spanish RomanceAnon
Metamorphosis IPhilip Glass
Left Bank WaltzPeter Sculthorpe
Three Perth Fancies*John Knox
A little Prelude and Fugue
Etude pour les Tierces
The waves on Lake Hong Hui
Moonlight and Fairies*Percival Price
*Original carillon composition

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