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2:00pm Sunday 7 February 2016 in the Quadrangle

Edward Grantham

Edward Grantham

Honorary Carillonist


Music for the Chinese New Year
Ch'/i Lai! (People's Republic of China)Nir Rth (1912-1935)
arr Ted Grantham
San Min Chu I (Taiwan)Che'ng Mao-Yun (b. 1928)
arr Ted Grantham
Moo-Li-Hwa (Folk Song)
Etude on CABEA* (Canberra)Adrien Tien
Music written for Australian carillons
A Little Fantasy and Fugue*Hamilton Harty (1879-1941)
Prelude and Paean*
   from Four Experiments for the Sydney University Carillon
Alex Burnard (1900-1971)
Sonne les Cloches dans mon Coeur*
   from Reflections: Four pieces for Carillon
John Gordon (1915-1991)
   from Four Miniatures
John Gordon
Summer Song*Terry Vaughan (1915-1996)
Fantasia and Fugue in G minor*Ted Grantham (b. 1944)
*Original carillon composition

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