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2:00pm Sunday 15 January 2017 in the Quadrangle

Amy Johansen

Amy Johansen

University Organist and Carillonist


Preludio I*Mathias van den Gheyn (1721-1785)
Three Sketches for John Gordon*Leen’t Hart (1920-1992)
MozartianaW.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
Ein Madchen oder Weibchen
Reich mir die Hand mein Leben
Bei Mannern welche Liebe fuhlen
The Search and Take Seven*
   from The Wesley Carillon Studies
Geert D’hollander (b. 1965)
Giga*Henri-Jacques de Croes (1705-1786)
La Cathedrale EngloutieClaude Debussy (1862-1918)
arr George Koppl
Campanella*Edward Nassor
*Original carillon composition

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