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2:00pm Sunday 22 January 2017 in the Quadrangle

Edward Grantham

Edward Grantham

Honorary Carillonist

Celebrating Australia and Summer

Hymns by Australian composers:
Drummoyne (With One Voice 274) and Plymouth (With One Voice 570)Prof. Eric Gross (SU)
Halgrim (With One Voice 256) and Hilary (With One Voice 412)Canon Laurence Bartlett
Galasheils (Rejoice! 229)Rev. Douglas Murray
Folk Songs:
Brisbane Ladies, Queensland Drover, Botany Bay, Waltzing Matilda
Carillon compositions:
Sonata in D minor* (Mvmts 1 and 2) E.M. Grantham
Summer Song* Terry Vaughan (1915-1996)
Summer (Mvmnts 1 & 2)
   from The Four Seasons
A. Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Sumer is icumen in (c. 1225) John of Reading
*Original carillon composition

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