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2:00pm Sunday 14 May 2017 in the Quadrangle


Lucy Koe

Honorary Carillonist


Thank you Lord, for Mothers dear Joe Parks
Anzac March T. Armstrong
A Brown Slouch Hat G. Wallace
Chanson du Matin Sir Edward Elgar(1857-1934)
Clair du Matin* Géo Clément (1902-1969)
Clair de Lune C. Debussy (1862-1918)
arr E.M. Grantham
Romanze fur Gitarre N. Paganini (1782-1840)
arr L. Fuller
Melody* G. D'hollander (b.1965)
Two songs from The Sound of Music Richard Rodgers (1902-1974)
Climb Every Mountain
arr R. Giszczak
arr J. Dundore
from G&S Operettas: Sir Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900)
I'm called Little Buttercup
   from HMS Pinafore

arr R. Giszczak
Take a pair of sparkling eyes
   from The Gondoliers

arr J. Forrest
Toccata In G Minor J. Pachelbel (1653-1700)
arr Jill Forrest
*Original carillon composition

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