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Volume 8 No 2 February 1983
Editor´s Page 1
Next Meeting: Get together and natter 2
Radio: CYCT 27MHz sked times 3
Welcome: Prospective Members: Bernie and Pamela Hobbs - Pamina 3
Brid´s Eye View 4
Sailaway with CYCT: January Long Weekend: Rabbit Island 6
The Anchorage: Port Esperance 8
Cruising - February / March 9
Social notes - Theatre outing 10
What´s in a Name? - Temeraire 12
Bo´sun´s Locker: Articles for sale 16
Notice to Mariners: Inflatable Liferaft Recall 18
The Chart Room: Notice to Mariners 20
Denizens of the Deep: Giant Clam 21
Book review: Beverly Fuller: Cooking afloat on any size boat 22
The Queen´s English 24
Scanned by Graham Breeze
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