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Volume 8 No 3 March 1983
Editor´s Page 1
Next Meeting: Ted Kench: Marine Insurance 2
Sailaway with CYCT: Little Fancy, Pittwater, Killora/Pear Tree, Southport 3
The Anchorage: Pittwater 4
Social notes - Theatre outing 6
Department of Transport and Construction: Seacall TP21 EPIRB 9
Notice to Mariners: River Derwent beacons 10
Notice to Mariners: Laid up vessel Curtis Capricorn 11
Roller Reefing Jib 12
Bird´s Eye View: Chrismas gales 14
Out of the past: Peron´s Journal - Recherche Bay 15
Quartermaster´s Stores: CYCT embroided cloth badges 16
Welcome: Prospective Members: Graham and Frances Titmus - Tia Maria 17
Welcome New Members: Bernie and Pamela Hobbs - Pamina 17
Welcome New Members: Suzie Booth 17
CYCT Mooring 17
A Dredging Trip in D´Entrecasteauc Channel 18
Radio: CYCT 27MHz sked times 22
Women´s Lib. 23
Book review: Herb Payson: Blown Away 24
Scanned by Graham Breeze
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