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Volume 14 No 6 June 1989
From the Editor 1
According to Albert 2
Karen´s Cruises 3
Forthcoming Cruises: Dover/Aitkens Point 3
Forthcoming Cruises: Sykes Cove Barnes Bay 3
Cruise of the Year guidelines 3
Notice to all Mariners: For Sale Beaufort Life raft 5
Prospective Members: Brian & Pamela Bennett - Clytie 6
Prospective Members: Geoffrey & Lola Thiessen - Nymph 6
Prospective Members: Phillip Wells 6
Next Meeting: Mariners´ Cottage: Guest Speaker Boat Insurance 7
Club Notices: Club Insurance 9
Club Notices: Volunteers for working bee at Mariners´ Cottage 9
A is for Arming the Lead 9
A Book Review: Maritime Tasmania 11
Chance Encounters continued: Being checked out 14
Extracts from Ara´s Journal 15
The Four Winds 18

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