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Volume 14 No 10 October 1989
From the Editor 1
Cruising Notes: Quarries 3
Cruise of the Year: Derek Farrar 5
A is for Australian Board 6
Next Meeting: Mariners´ Cottage: Guest Speaker TBA 7
Commodore´s Report 9
Vice Commodore´s Report 11
Rear Commodore´s Report 13
Treasurer´s Report 14
Club Warden´s Report 14
Editor´s Report 15
The Galley Slave: Lazy Man´s Lunch 17
Book Review: The Voyage of Torres, Brett Hilder 20
Distance from the Sun 20
Another Sorry Tale of Sailing, long, long ago: The Cat who Loathed the Sea 21
The Whalers 24
A is for Apple Stern 26
The Lee Shore Hazard: An Error of Judgement 27

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