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Volume 16 No 2 February 1991
The Editor´s Page 1
Index 2
Next Meeting: Mariners´ Cottage - Natter & Nosh Night 3
Club Cruises: Regatta Day 4
Club Cruises: February Weekend Cruise to Monk or Lime Bay 4
Club Cruises: Port Davey anyone? 5
Club Cruises: March LWE New Norfolk or Adventure Bay 5
Prospective Members: John & Suzanne Hall - Bolero 7
Cruising Skippers: Vasco da Gama 7
The Age of Sail: The sail-assisted 26000 tonne bulk carrier Swift Wings in Hobart 8
Macbess Cruises North 11
New Litter Laws: Disposal of garbage at sea 14
Quartermaster´s Store 16

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